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Cathoair, now an Einherjar, is raising his and Muire's son near Eiledon.

The Edda of Burdens Series

But danger is coming in the form of the goddess Heythe, whose revenge will not be complete until Valdyrgard is finally a dead world. For five hundred years the immortal Children of the Light, einherjar and valkyrie, have lived together in the North of Valdyrgard. They were born out of the Sea, each with a shining crystal sword The first of three books in the captivating science fiction Edda of Burdens series. Elizabeth Bear shares a birthday with Frodo and Bilbo Baggins. This, coupled with a tendency to read the dictionary as a child, doomed her early to penury, intransigence, friendlessness, and the writing of speculative fiction.

She was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and grew up in central Connecticut with the exception of two years which she was too young to remember very well spent in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, in the last house with electricity before the Canadian border. ISBN This direct sequel to Elizabeth Bear's highly acclaimed All the Windwracked Stars picks up the story Beautiful Cathoair, now an immortal warrior angel, has been called back to the city of Eiledon to raise his son--Muire's son as well, cast up on shore as an infant.

It is seemingly a quiet life.

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Despite all she has been through, Muire begs to differ. All the Windwracked Stars is a very hard book the categorize.

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  • it's a great life, if you don't weaken.

It contains elements of high fantasy, steampunk and post apocalyptic fiction, creating a very unusual blend of the three. I guess you could say it takes a while for the reader to get a feel for the world and enough elements of the story to fall into place for the readers to get an idea of where Bear is taking the story. It makes the beginning of the book a bit confusing.


Although I liked the style of writing it doesn leave a lot of gaps for the reader to fill in. Paying full attention is rewarding though. Bear manages to create a fascinating character in Muire.

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  4. One who carries the burden of guilt. Muire is continually fighting the urge to accept the inevitable and give up but somehow manages to find the courage to go on. Muire is far from the only well drawn character too.

    Although many would express a preference for Mingan, I liked Cathoair in particular. The way Bear manages to make combine in his damaged soul, the young and slightly naive fellow who thinks sex is a fix for many of his problems and a hint of the ancient reincarnated Waelcyrge Muire sees in him. These characters move in a world that is every bit as desperate as they are.

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    A city in a wasteland using ever more draconian measures to survive. To the point where the question whether survival using these means is actually desirable. Desperation, a sense of loss and a good deal of guilt are present throughout the story.