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But Lister, despite herself, started to have really palpable feelings for this woman.

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Wainwright: She was a landowner, so we automatically assume that she was wealthy. Shibden was a modest-size estate. Her income was not huge, and she had to share it with her father and her aunt. She was always struggling to make money. She had to negotiate her way very skillfully through society. She inherited Shibden really through her own machinations; she was a real player. How did you decide how detailed the sex scenes would be?

Wainwright: I made a point not to be gratuitous. I wanted to express the relationship between Lister and Walker and the fact Lister was a great lover. It was a big, important part of her life, so I wanted to reflect that. We had an intimacy advisor , which was helpful because it gave us a language in which we could easily talk without being embarrassed.

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We looked at how different sex was with Marianna, and how free she was with her. Then we looked very sensitively at the new relationship with Walker. Sophie and I were very delicate with that storytelling. Jones: Yeah, of course I did.

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I was very aware of the conversation around straight actors playing queer roles. Being a lesbian was just one part of Lister. I had to be able to portray every aspect of this character. There was a team around me that held my hand. Anne Choma, our historical advisor, Stella Merz, our script editor, and Phil Collinson, our producer, are all gay. And they helped me—and Sally as she was writing. It was a derogatory term used by the people of Halifax.

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For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter! Type keyword s to search. Related Stories. Related Story. He sentenced her to hang, ignoring her pleas for mercy. He made a spectacle of her and had her executed in the town square. But just before she was killed, Rondina said, she laughed and said she would make him regret his words and that she would someday dance on his grave.

4 spooky New England ghost stories you’ve probably never heard

As it weathered, the image of the leg appeared under the family name. According to the town, the first record of the legend appeared in the Haverhill Gazette in It is the spirit of the only true and living God which bids me speak them to you. You will soon die. Over your grave they will erect a stone that all may know where your bones are crumbling into dust. But listen, upon that stone the imprint of my feet will appear, and for all time, long after you and you accursed race have perished from the earth, will the people from far and wide know that you murdered a woman.

Remember well, Jonathan Buck, remember well. The consensus, the town said, is that the story was concocted after the stain appeared on the monument.

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New England was home to more than just a frenzy over witchcraft. There was also a panic over vampires, fueled by outbreaks of tuberculosis, then called consumption. In the late s and s, consumption was considered a spiritual disease, Rondina said. In Europe, too, exhumation protocol varied with region: Some beheaded suspected vampire corpses, while others bound their feet with thorns.

Often these rituals were clandestine, lantern-lit affairs.


But, particularly in Vermont, they could be quite public, even festive. One particular story of a New England vampire is said to have reached an aspiring novelist named Bram Stoker. In , a young woman named Mercy Lena Brown fell ill and died in the farming community of Exeter, Rhode Island, from tuberculosis. Her mother and older sister had succumbed to the disease nearly a decade before, and her older brother, Edwin, had fallen ill too and moved away to Colorado Springs with the hope that the climate would improve his health.

He returned to his hometown, dying, when Mercy was on her own deathbed. The ashes were fed to Edwin to try and cure him, but he died a few months later. According to Smithsonian and Rondina, the story of the exhumation was reported on widely in the newspapers.

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The New York Times reported on an unusual kind of apple in Rondina said the story of Micah Rood and his apples takes place in the early s, in the area of Franklin and Windham, Connecticut. But Rondina presented a version with an alternative ending. After the rumor began circulating that the farmer had murdered the peddler, Rood withdrew from society.