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Among other things, the letter discussed talks to extend a strategic arms treaty expiring this year and cooperation in opening supply routes to Afghanistan. The plan to build a high-tech radar facility in the Czech Republic and deploy 10 interceptor missiles in Poland — a part of the world that Russia once considered its sphere of influence — was a top priority for President George W.

Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter

Bush to deter Iran in case it developed a nuclear warhead to fit atop its long-range missiles. Bush never accepted a Moscow proposal to install part of the missile defense system on its territory and jointly operate it so it could not be used against Russia. Now the Obama administration appears to be reconsidering that idea, although it is not clear if it would want to put part of the system on Russian soil where it could be flipped on or off by Russians. Obama has been lukewarm on missile defense, saying he supports it only if it can be proved technically effective and affordable.

Bush also emphasized the linkage between the Iranian threat and missile defense, but Mr. Officials have been hinting at the possibility of an agreement in recent weeks, and Mr. Burns said about the Iranian threat in an interview with the Russian news agency Interfax while in Moscow last month delivering Mr.

The idea has distressed Poland and the Czech Republic, where leaders invested political capital in signing missile defense cooperation treaties with the United States despite domestic opposition. If the United States were to slow or halt deployment of the systems, Warsaw and Prague might insist on other incentives. For example, the deal with Poland included a side agreement that an American Patriot air defense battery would be moved from Germany to Poland, where it would be operated by a crew of about American service members. The administration might have to proceed with that to reassure Warsaw.

Missile defense has flavored Mr. Medvedev threatened to point missiles at Europe if the system proceeded. Medvedev later backed off that threat and it seems that Moscow is taking seriously the idea floated in Mr. Medvedev said Sunday that he believed the Obama administration would be open to cooperation on missile defense. I hope to discuss this issue of great importance for Europe during my first meeting with President Barack Obama. But critics of the Harvard student were quickly shut down on social media — most notably by another former first daughter. Malia Obama is a private citizen.

Thank you. Other public figures — including Pete Souza, the former official White House photographer under Obama — jumped in to show their own support for Malia. Also, we should ALL be slamming this lying wanna-be dictator. Good for you Citizen Malia!

Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy » Mosaic

The same people mad at Malia Obama for drinking wine and wearing a bathing suit at age 20 are the same people who excuse Brett Kavanaugh for drinking beer and assaulting a woman at age Conservatives: Brett Kavanaugh was just a young boy when he drank too much beer and tried to rape girls in college. Also conservatives: Malia Obama drinking wine at 20 years old is unacceptable! Malia Obama stays surrounded by snitches. I made the mistake of checking why Malia Obama was trending on Twitter.

Evidently she is living life as a human person. More from Yahoo Style : PETA under fire for 'incredibly disrespectful' anti-fur response to Karl Lagerfeld's death Celebrities pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld after Chanel designer's death: 'You made me feel like a princess' Karl Lagerfeld, iconic Chanel fashion designer, has died at Sign up for Breaking News by AOL to get the latest breaking news alerts and updates delivered straight to your inbox.

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Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. Notify Me. When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Search The Web Search Aol. Chelsea Clinton defends Malia Obama after her rumored 'secret' Facebook page is revealed. Kristine Solomon. Illinois U.

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Sasha Obama walks from Jorge's Sombrero restaurant after a meal with her father U. Theo Wargo via Getty Images. Customers using the password received a free hamburger today. Sasha L and Malia Obama, the daughters of U.

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