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If you have two compatible dogs who love to tug you can give them each one end of a toy and let them go at it with each other. The key word here is compatible. Because tug does create a certain level of arousal, dogs who are prone to getting into fights should not be encouraged to tug together. If you have two dogs who can tug together, try a threesome!

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Find a tug toy with one handle for the human and two ends for the dogs. Tug: a game the whole family can play! Run a rope through a Kong and knot it so the knot is inside the Kong.

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Stuff the Kong and tie the rope to something so that your dog can tire himself out by tugging at the Kong. Of course, you lose the relationship value of tug with this variation of the game, but you might increase the exercise benefits! Tug toys come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, but the best ones have these characteristics in common:. I like toys that are at least inches in length for teaching tug the longer the better.

Once your dog knows the rules, you can graduate to shorter toys. For some training purposes, a small tug toy you can stuff in a pocket is ideal. Braided rope and fleece toys work well, as does rubber. Stay away from wood, hard plastic, or metal.

My Father's War: Memories from Our Honored Wwii Soldiers

Fleece may not do quite as well in this department, especially if you have a very vigorous tugger, but could be perfect for the lightweights. This allows you to win most of the time — an important tug rule. Barring those, the game is on, with the following rules:. Use a toy that is long enough to keep dog teeth far away from your hands, and that is comfortable for you to hold when he pulls. Hold up the toy. If necessary, trade him for a yummy treat. After he gives it to you, you can play again see steps 2 and 3.

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You can get it out and play again after 15 seconds or so. Children should not play tug with your dog unless and until you are confident they can play by the rules.

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If you do allow children to play tug with your dog, always directly supervise the game. You can play tug more intensely with a pound adult Rottweiler than you can with a Rottie puppy, or a four-pound Chihuahua. Kylo Ren responds to how kids play with motion sensors that activate different effects, creating an awesome interactive experience.

The BB-8 Adventure Base converts between a closed droid and a decked-out open play set. Using the free Droid Inventor App, you can follow step-by-step instructions to build your own app-controlled and drivable Droid. We're huge fans of Sphero, at the GH Institute. They have laser battling technology that allows you to compete against up to 11 other drones at the same time.


Bonus: When unboxing, Star Wars -themed songs play. Kids and adults can immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe with the new augmented reality experience by Lenovo and Disney. It includes the headset as well as the lightsaber, so you can virtually battle right from your living room floor. Giving boys the chance to explore nurturing and connecting with others opens up opportunities for them to build important life skills.

What was right in is wrong today. We expect modern fathers to nurture and tend their children.

When boys play with dolls, they are practicing parenthood, just like girls are.